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Every journey takes us through time and space towards our destination. No matter the distance we traveled, or the sunlight, the rain and the wind that caressed our skin. The essence of a journey is not the final destination of this ancestral experience, but it lies in the turning point that leads us to unexplored paths.

Here and now, our perspectives broaden and the line between the sky and the Earth appears to be thinner. Our footprints draw a map, which tells our story: the roads we have traveled, the places we have been, the emotions we have felt. These footprints remind us of all the color shades that our eyes have seen, the scents and melodies that we have enjoyed, and all the intriguing – different, yet familiar – things that we have encountered along the way

Such a beauty, perfect as only Mother Nature can create, greets us with a warm embrace. The balance between what has happened and what is next, broadens our horizons. As a painter drawing on a white canvas, we now trace the lines of our new path.


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