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Spring-Summer 2019 Collection

Identity always finds inspiring new ways to express itself, as long as it is free to naturally explore the world around it. In an endless dialogue with time and space, personality effortlessly opens up to the encounter between the inevitable legacy of the past and the modern need for renewal. Living in harmony with the natural environment creates a spontaneous connection between the senses, where the elements come together in a perfectly balanced symphony.

Just like a house overlooking the sea, the salty sea breeze gently blowing through its large windows, while the interior is illuminated by sunlight pouring in. Its cozy porch allows warmth, colors, scents and sound to travel from one place to another, blurring all boundaries. A family symbol graciously representing the encounter between the outer and the inner world, where all the differences disappear.

And here comes personality, which is reflected in a vibrant, carefree style, embracing the dynamic attitude of the present day, fluently moving between refined elegance and a casual flair. The spontaneous attraction between natural materials, warm Earth tones, delicate neutral hues, skilful handcrafted techniques, modern surfaces, retro inspirations and sartorial influences gives life to an authentic form of expression, from which stems a vision of well-balanced harmony.


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