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Skyward Move - Inspiration

The mountain silhouettes stand out against a backdrop of pristine beauty. Pure colors outline the boundaries of a place where time stands still. Within the white silence, the subtle dance of the snowflakes lovingly reverberates between rocks and trees. It is a sweet melody that inspires the stream of thoughts.

The new season nurtures a lively and well-balanced interplay of shapes and natural nuances. A delicate palette of whites and light neutrals, which blends together with warm Earth tones and intense shades of greys and blues. A spontaneous and essential aesthetics meets the soft textures of natural materials, greeting us with a warm embrace.

The mountain peaks reach out to the sky, inviting us to raise our eyes and see the world from a new perspective. In this place of unique harmony, the nature reveals itself in all its glory, and the spirit breaks free echoing all around us.


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