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A sunny day spent strolling around town, admiring the interplay of light and shadow that fills the narrow streets of cobblestone. Walking with no destination in mind lets us discover unexpected and beautiful places. When we are together, everything is tinged with light and color. We rediscover the pleasure of calm and unhurried conversation, of talking and listening to each other. We can open up to others and speak sincere words that come from the heart.

The unmistakable smell of old books brings ancient tales back to our mind, as well as stories to share and rewrite together. It also brings back memories of the unique and intense color of those wooden creations that filled the room with its warm glow. Tender moments where time stands still, to cherish and treasure in our hearts forever.

“We were together, I forget the rest”_W. Whitman

A special thanks to the Umbrian town of Bevagna for welcoming us and for letting us capture its unique beauty.

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