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The search for essence guides the style towards a new aesthetics, where the richness of tradition blends together with the freshness of new elements as to create modern and spontaneous combinations. In the essential silhouettes, precious leathers meet exquisite embroidery, wispy yarns and sartorial fabrics, renewed in the color palette and featuring new and well-balanced patterns. This symphony of pure shapes and colorful textures gives birth to sophisticated and timeless creations.

As a symbol of the House’s deep appreciation for polished fashion, the style of the collection recalls retro inspirations and 1950s icons. In this notable decade, innovative elements and sartorial tradition came together in a fine mix of elegance and casual detailing. Classic motifs – reinterpreted with contemporary textures and nuances – enveloping fabrics, and lightweight leathers express themselves through relaxed volumes, looking for new and unique combinations.


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