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OPERA is a skillfully hand-crafted creation that pulls the threads of the past together with those of the future. This encounter gives birth to an inextricable connection. It is through the manual dexterity that the memories, the heritage as well as the knowledge from the past are bestowed to the future; they take on new meanings and trigger new memories, each of those valuable and unique.

Every single hand-crafted creation is special and inimitable; it keeps the secrets and conveys the passion and knowledge of those who have devoted their time and skills to its creation, bringing mind and body in a well-balanced harmony through delicate gestures, care and precision.

In the new OPERA knitwear, fine natural yarns are woven together using hand-crafted techniques as well as Jacquard looms to enhance the beauty of the traditional designs with amazing three-dimensional effects. Precious hand embroidery adds a final touch to the garments, adorning them with contrasting details and sparkling inserts.


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