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In a time of constant change of the body and mind, we feel the desire to protect the places of the soul, to draw the boundaries of our personal world. This need opens the door to an intimate, authentic space, where we can go in search of balance. An imaginary room filled with warm light, glowing in a multitude of shades.

In this search, casual silhouettes meet overlapping textures and materials featuring unique effects, ranging from natural yarns to technical-inspired fabrics up to timeless geometric patterns. A symphony of colors blurs the boundaries between saturated nuances, delicate neutral hues, Earth tones and bright shades. A contemporary vision reinterprets sartorial codes with a lively, unique twist.

Colonial and retro influences effortlessly blend with sporty accents, ethnic vibes and handcrafted finishes. An interplay of inspirations and contaminations from different worlds merges together, giving life to a natural, harmonious atmosphere, where experimentation drives personal, spontaneous style.


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